There are 3 options for integrating a fully-branded careers page. Employers pick a solution depending on their IT / web resources. Two of the options take just minutes to integrate. Support for all of the options is included in the onetime activation fee. Our team will provide all the support your need.


Employers have the flexibility to customize the online application process to meet their needs. Advanced parsing capabilities will automatically fill out job applications in real time when job seekers upload a resume from any mobile device or desktop. Job seekers can even upload resumes from cloud storage.


We follow the letter of the law and have advanced technology and a heightened understanding of OFCCP regulations so employers can play it safe. When it comes to the new Section 503 and VEVRAA regulations, we’ve got you covered. Web disclaimers, voluntary EEO, min qual questions, they’re all here.


Whether you have few IT resources or an entire fleet of designers, Newton makes it easy to have a fully-branded careers site that looks exactly like the rest of your corporate website, same colors, same fonts, same everything.

With Newton, there are 3 options that employers can choose from to integrate job listings from their Newton account onto their websites. Most integrations take a matter of hours to get your fully-integrated, branded careers page completely up and running. Our team provides the support.

Newton uses modern technology and won’t force applicants to another browser or create a popup window. And, Newton comes with helpful features like Cloud Apply and ZenApps to instantly improve the applicant experience. And, with Newton, every applicant will always receive a customized acknowledgement after they have successfully applied for a job if you choose.



Jobs can be organized in a variety of different ways. For example, you organize your jobs by department, location, alphabetically and more. Some employers choose to use available search technology to enable applicants to search jobs by keyword, location or department. Below are sample jobs.

Note: If you’ve stumbled across this page, these are not real jobs. They’re just examples.

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